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Welcome to Driving Obsession!

Driving Obsession is a German-based automotive Blog focusing on the obsession of driving an automobile, whether they are hybrids, diesels or electric powered cars. In order to reach a far bigger community, we publish our articles in English.

We are enthusiasts providing reviews and coverage about news from the automotive industry, new cars, car shows, road trips, rallye and race events and museums. We want to promote and share the joy and excitement about cars from enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Simply said, we are obsessed about it. If you are obsessed too, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check out our Blog. If you have suggestions or feedback for us, feel free to contact us directly. We are looking forward to your feedback and would like to improve together with our community.

Driving Obsession is in no way owned or affiliated with any of the mentioned companies on this website. We consider us an independent, privately owned automotive Blog. Driving Obsession is also not related or has any connection to the CNBC documentation “BMW – A Driving Obsession”.

Christian Stampfer (Founder, Editor)

My enthusiasm for the automotive world started about six months before I was even born. In summer 1984, my father picked up a new BMW 318i (E30) at the BMW plant in Munich. For the next 15 years the BMW became my permanent companion and I have spent my entire childhood and youth in the backseat or passenger seat of the BMW 318i.

ChrisX3I started writing about cars and technology back in 2009 as a close friend of mine asked me to join his editorial team and to serve as the European Editor for his new online publication. Since then I am writing articles for the leading US magazine about diesel-powered cars, The Diesel Driver. The magazine focuses on the experience of owning and driving a diesel powered automobile.

Looking back at my experiences over the past five years I decided in 2015 to launch my own automotive blog focusing on the obsession of driving cars, whether they are hybrids, diesels or electric cars. With this Blog I would like to share my impressions and the amazing joy of driving and owning a car. I also enjoyed a bunch of road trips in Europe and in the United States on some of the most beautiful roads on the planet, may it be the famous Pacific Coast Highway 1 in California or the Stilfser Joch (Stelvio) in Italy. These unique driving experiences deserve it to be shared.