Gemaakt in Nederland – BMW X1 built at VDL Nedcar

BMW expands X1 production with partner VDL Nedcar


SUVs are popular. The demand for the urban lifestyle crossovers is growing year by year. Especially the compact SUV segment attracts a lot customers. BMW recognizes this development especially for the current X1 generation.

The second-generation X1 is currently built at the BMW plant in Regensburg. In total, eight different models are rolling off on a single production line. As a consequence, BMW announced today to expand its X1 production. Because of missing production capacity in Regensburg, the Bavarian automaker teams up with the Dutch partner VDL Nedcar in Born.

As of August 2017, the BMW X1 will become the fourth BMW Group model to roll off the production lines in the Netherlands. Additional models built at VDL Nedcar include the Mini Countryman, the Mini John Cooper Works Countryman and the Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4.


Next to the preferred partnership with VDL Nedcar, also the strong demand in the Netherlands was crucial to select the Dutch partner. Peter Haug, Marketing Director of BMW Group Netherlands explains: “In 2016, no less than 62.2 percent of all X models sold in the Netherlands (3,131 in total) were BMW X1s”.

In addition to the strong demand in the Netherlands, BMW X models see a growing and strong demand worldwide. The total sales volume of BMW X models added up to 644,922 cars. Looking at a total sales volume of 2,003,359 cars, one out of three cars was an X model.

[Photos: BMW]

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