Déjà-vu – BMW M4 from BMW on Demand

Again? Yes, I opted for a BMW M4 from BMW on Demand


Somehow it seems to become a tradition. On the 17th December (my birthday) I rented a BMW M4 from BMW on Demand. And again, as last year, I opted for a drive to visit Berchtesgaden and the highest mountain road in Germany, the Rossfeld Panoramastraße. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as good as last year but thanks to the lousy weather I was also the only visitor driving the mountain ring road.

I picked up my BMW M4 at the BMW on Demand counter in the BMW Welt in Munich. BMW charges 55 € per hour for the M4. If you rent the M4 for three hours (165 €) you’re able to drive the car for half a day (09h to 17h). I already booked the car the day before via the internet but actually I was the only visitor in the morning of the 17th December looking for rental car. The BMW M4 came with the seven-speed double clutch M DKG drivetrain and the latest connectivity options. Unfortunately, a head-up display was missing. However, more important for my drive was the TwinPower Turbo engine under the hood. The turbocharged six-cylinder develops 431 horsepower with a peak torque of 406 pound-feet (550 Nm). BMW promises a fuel economy of only 8.3 l/100 km (28.3 mpg) when your M4 is equipped with the double clutch automatic transmission.


For the drive to Berechtesgaden I selected the country roads in the east of Munich, guiding me towards the Chiemsee. Near the Chiemsee I switched onto the Autobahn A8 in the direction towards Salzburg. Thanks to a speed limit of 120 km/h (74 mph) I was able to keep the M4 most of the time in the highest gear and saved quite some fuel. Close to the Austrian border I left the Autobahn and finished the last part to Berchtesgaden via the B20. I followed the driving directions towards the Rossfeldstraße and paid a toll of 8 € at the toll station at the southern entry / exit. One year ago, the toll was 5 €. Thanks to the very limited traffic (actually I was the only visitor of the road!) I was able to stop wherever I liked to take photos of the car and the scenery. Due to the relatively warm weather it was slightly raining for the entire time with no indication of snow. Also at the top of the Rossfeld, where I encountered only cloudy skies, was no snow at all 🙁


I left the Rossfeldstraße via the northern exit and continued via Berchtesgaden and the B306 towards the A8. While heading to Munich I was able to push the M4 for a few minutes to its maximum speed (with winter tires) of 240 km/h (149 mph). I returned the BMW M4 at the Welt after a total drive of 409 km (254 miles) and achieved an average fuel economy of 10.4 l/100 km (22.6 mpg). Comparing the fuel economy with the official numbers a small difference of 2.1 l/100 km (5.7 mpg) is noticeable. However, if I compare the fuel economy of the M4 with my BMW 135i, I might need to think of switching to the M4 in order to contribute to protect the environment. My 135i has less power (306 hp) and uses 10.5 l/100 km (22.4 mpg) 🙂

The Rossfeld Panoramastraße is open 365 days and takes its visitors up to an altitude of 1,570 meters (5,150 feet). The road has a total length of 15.4 km (9.5 miles) and runs partly on Austrian territory for which Germany had to close a special agreement with Austria.

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