My 2016 US Road Trip on the West Coast

Road trip from LA via Death Valley to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and back


Already more than two months have passed since a long-desired dream came true. I was finally leaving on a flight with Lufthansa towards the United States for an extensive road trip on the US west coast. I planned to drive about 2,425 miles (3.902 km) within 13 days and explore some of the most-visited places and cities on the west coast of the US. Read more

US Road Trip 2016: Bye bye Grand Canyon

From the Grand Canyon North Rim back to Las Vegas


On the second last day of my west coast road trip with my beautiful BMW 428i convertible from Sixt rent a car I am heading back from the Grand Canyon’s northern side to Las Vegas. After I visited all attraction points of the Desert View Drive (US route 64), I continued on the next day via the US highway 89A (the A is for “alternative”). The road takes its drivers accross the Grand Canyon towards Fredonia. Read more

US Road Trip 2016: The Grand Canyon

Driving to the Grand Canyon Skywalk and the Horseshoe Bend


After I arrived with the BMW 428i in Las Vegas it was time for a short rest (for the car and me 🙂 ) before I would continue the road trip towards the Grand Canyon. Up to this point I covered a driving distance of 1,511 miles (2.431 km). Read more

US Road Trip 2016: Death Valley and Gold Point

Driving through Death Valley and visiting ghost town Gold Point


Today was the day! Today I would finally drive with my BMW 428i convertible via the Death Valley. Death Valley is famous for being the hottest place on earth. According to Wikipedia, the hottest temperature on earth was recorded in Death Valley on July 10, 1913. A temperature of 134° F (56.7° C). Read more

US Road Trip 2016: Driving the Angeles Crest Highway

Driving the Angeles Crest Highway and continuing to California City


After I had an amazing time in Hollywood and on the Pacific Coast Highway around Malibu on my US road trip so far, I continued my drive via the Angeles Crest Highway towards California City. Before doing so I went to the Los Angeles Union Station to pick up a friend who would join me on my way through the desert. Read more